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The Parents’ Feature

More security at the touch of a button: Thereby better visibility of children

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Location Feature

If your child should not come home at the agreed time, press the location button. After a few seconds you will receive a message indicating where your child is at the moment.


SOS Function

When the SOS function of the GPS Tracker or Children’s App device is activated, the Parents’ App will send you automatically a message indicating the location of your child.


Anonymization Function

Thanks to an anonymous communication link, which is set up between the child and a registered trusted person via a QR-code connection, no personal data is required.


Family Feature

The “Family Feature” allows you to register several children and receive their location data. Furthermore, the Children’s App provides the opportunity to register several trusted persons, who will receive a message in the event of an emergency.


“Everything Is Fine” function

Each time your child enters a pre-determined safe area (for example football pitch, school), you will be given a short notice by the Parents’ App.


Driver’s function

As a car driver you will receive warnings, when you get close to a child who is equipped with our protection device. To provide a basic protection for all children, we have established protection zones at all 16,000 primary schools in Germany.

Freedom for the Children - Serenity for the Parents

Download the free app now!

1st Step: download the app

Free download of the Moving Positions App

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2nd Step: set up the connection

Set up the connection to the GPS Tracker or the App device of your child using a QR code so that you can take full advantage of all features.


Free Download of the Apps

More visibility and safety for children. Download the Driver’s App free of charge. The Children’s App is available for only € 1.00 per month.