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The Children’s Feature

Protected smartly with additional visibility in traffic



Emergency Button

Your child can send a message to you and 5 other authorised persons by pressing the emergency button. Along with the message you will receive information about the current location of your child (address and position on the street map) so you can quickly and efficiently check the situation.


Visibility of the Child

The Children’s App sends automatically and continuously location data of your child to the Moving Positions Cloud server, where the distance between the child and the cars is calculated from the respective coordinates to protect the child as a road user.


Highest Levels of Data Safety

The location data of your child are collected in anonymous form to prevent your child from being tracked. The data are deleted definitely every six minutes after having been confronted with the position of the cars. The individual data of the child is transmitted exclusively to the parents in an encrypted format via the personalised Parents’ App.


Intelligent Alert

The Moving Positions App only sends intelligent and essential warning signals and avoids confusing alerts: no warning signal is transmitted from the classroom or in buses or cars in motion.


Anti-Abuse Function

Anti-Abuse Function: the “Visibility Function” of the Driver’s App is only activated when the speed exceeds 15 km/h (9.30 mph). Furthermore, the users of the Driver’s App are only given notice of the presence of children in their area, but do not know the exact position of the child.


Low Battery Warning

The parents receive an automatic warning when the battery capacity has fallen below 20 %. So they know why the contact with their child is interrupted.

Moving Positions App - Intelligent Protection of Children as Road Users

Activation of the Protection Service

1st step: download the App
Free download of the Moving Positions App from the App Store


2nd step: activation
Activate the device immediately in the App Store as “In-App Purchase” or by entering a voucher reference number.


Free Download of the Apps

More visibility and safety for children. Download the Driver’s App free of charge. The Children’s App is available for only € 1.00 per month.