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Parents’ feature

More Serenity for the Parents, More Freedom for the Children


Not only has the parents´ feature the driver`s app features, but also additional services that meet the special needs of families and parents. It is the complement of the childrens´s feature and allows parents to receive messages of their children or to check on their position.

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Children´s Feature

Take Advantage of digital Opportunities for the Safety of your Child


The children´s feature displays children anonymously in traffic, even if they are hidden by parking cars. The app focuses on vital and intelligent warning signals and avoids confusing signals: Thus no alert signal is made, when a child is inside a classroom or a car.

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GPS Tracker

Child Protection and Visibility without a Smartphone


Children, who don´t owe a smartphone, can hire a GPS tracker from Moving Positions. There is only an annual service fee. The tracker takes over the basic features of a smartphone such as sending an emergency call, locating your child or phoning it, if it is running late.

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Safety Guaranteed

No Publicity
Our Moving Positions services for children, parents and drivers are anonymous and do not contain any publicity.

Secure Communications
The child can only be reached by the individually assigned and personalised Parents’ App.

Anonymous Cloud
The location data of the child are transmitted to the Moving Positions Cloud database in a securely encrypted and anonymous form and are deleted within 24 hours.

Anti-Abuse Precaution
The location of the child in only indicated to the drivers, when their speed exceeds 15 km/h (9.30 mph).

Sector Function
Instead of indicating the exact position of the child, the system merely alerts drivers of the presence of children in the immediate vicinity.


Free Download of the Apps

More visibility and safety for children. Download the Driver’s App free of charge. The Children’s App is available for only € 1.00 per month.