It is All About an Increased Visibility of Children


Safety through Visibility

The Children’s App or the GPS tracking device transmits constantly location coordinates and movement data of the child. According to this information the Driver’s App alerts drivers as soon as children are within a critical distance, leaving them sufficient time to react and adapt their driving behaviour.


Speed Alert for Drivers

The Driver’s App shows you the current speed and emits a visual and acoustic warning signal when you are in the vicinity of a primary school and your speed exceeds 30 km/h (18.5 mph).


“School Crossing Patrols”

The surroundings of all 16,000 primary schools in Germany are designated “digitally” protected areas. As soon as a driver enters the area, he or she receives a visual and acoustic warning signal. Thanks to this digital “School Crossing Patrol”, the children benefit from a basic protection all over Germany. Other countries will follow suit soon!

Moving Positions App - Become a Guardian Angel of Children


How Does the Driver’s App Work?

The Moving Positions App is designed to help drivers early detect children and identify hazards. The tracking system intelligently enhances the visibility of children. “Intelligently” means that the driver receives only one warning signal, even if several children are together on the road.

The App emits a visual and acoustic warning signal each time when there is child or a danger spot within a distance of 150 metres. Consequently, the driver can adapt his driving behaviour and avoid an accident.


Outstanding Features

  • The driver is alerted of the presence of children within a distance to 150 metres, even if the children are hidden behind a visual obstacle, such as a parked car.
  • Anti-abuse function: the presence of children is only signalled to a driver, when his/her speed exceeds 15 km/h (9.30 mph).
  • Economy mode: if no movement is detected for 10 minutes, the device switches to the standby mode; the device wakes up automatically as soon as the position changes significantly.
  • Choice between the visual and acoustic warning signal
  • Data protection: all location data are deleted within a few minutes

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Do you have children of your own?

Please note that your Driver’s App provides a wide range of additional features. You can simply register your children to use all parents’ functions!


Free Download of the Apps

More visibility and safety for children. Download the Driver’s App free of charge. The Children’s App is available for only € 1.00 per month.