• The App, Which Protects Children on the Road

    Moving Positions Driver’s App

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  • Children Are Impulsive and Need More Visibility

    Moving Positions Children’s App

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  • Mobility & Safety AWARD 2016

    Moving Positions Driver’s App

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By improving the Visibility for Drivers of vulnerable Roadusers we help avoid Accidents.

Utmost Protection of the Privacy and No Publicity


Why Are the Moving Positions Apps Useful?


  • In the last year, a pupil was injured in a road traffic accident every 18 minutes.
  • Children are impulsive in their behaviour and are not able to accurately identify hazards.
  • Today, drivers may be proficient, but do not always stay focused on the road and often cause accidents involving children due to distraction.


Increased Visibility for Children in Traffic!


  • The Moving Positions App makes your child “visible” to drivers, even if the child is hidden behind a parked car or another obstacle to visibility.
  • Drivers are alerted when children are in their vicinity.
  • The Moving Positions App helps drivers to become early aware of the presence of children and thereby avoid accidents.


How Does the Moving Positions App Work?


  • The position of both the children and the drivers is determined and transmitted as encrypted information to the Moving Positions Cloud database.
  • Based on the position, direction and movement, the Moving Positions server calculates the distance between the driver and the children.
  • As soon as the distance falls below the critical value, the server sends a warning signal to the driver.
  • Children are impulsive


  • Children have a restricted field of vision


  • With the number of cars rising, there are more and more distracted drivers


  • Children need more safety

    Drivers need a warning signal


  • The drivers receive an alert message

    The children are protected by a digital “Safety Vest”


Our Promise


No Publicity for Children and Adults


Our Moving Positions Apps for children, parents and drivers are anonymous and publicity-free - Guaranteed!


Safe Communication within the Family


The children can only be reached via the individually assigned and personalised Parents’ App.


Anonymity and Safety for the Children


The location data of the child are transmitted in anonymous form via an encrypted SSL connection to the Moving Positions Cloud server and is deleted within 24 hours.

Free Download of the Apps

More visibility and safety for children. Download the Drivers’ App free of charge. The Children’s App is available for only € 1.00 per month.